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Light Weight Bearings by Franke

highest performance at minimum weight

By using ultra-lightweight materials and the latest manufacturing techniques, lightweight bearings by Franke allow maximum weight-, power- and space-savings at comparable stiffness and precision over the entire lifetime.

An individual design and a wide range of materials ensures optimum adaptation to every application.

  • Alternative materials such as high-strength plastics or carbon (CfK) allows for significant weight savings.
  • Low rotating masses ensure high energy efficiency and quiet running.
  • Compact components and a free design of the mating structure make it easy to save space and weight.
  • Many lightweight materials have positive secondary properties, such as low expansion, non-corrosion or nonmagnetism.

The perfect Material for every application

Franke Light Weight Bearings offer you a wide range of material to use.


Light Weight Bearings from aluminum are preferably used where light weight and high strength are required. For example, in aviation technology.


Franke wire race bearings and slim bearings harmonize perfectly with housing parts made of plastics.

Carbon (CFK)

Especially in automotive industries, lightweight components made of carbon (CFK) are increasingly used. By integrating wire race bearings into the carbon structure even vehicle wheels can be realized.


Print your own bearing! Franke bearing assemblies with housing parts from the 3D printer are real game-changers in light-weight-technology.

The Franke-Principle in detail

The principle of the wire race bearing enables the ddesign of compact bearings that fit even small mounting spaces and offer a variety of design options.

Four race rings are equipped with raceways by a specially developed grinding process – exactly adjusted to the ball diameter.

Thus, the rolling process does not directly take place between balls and housing parts, but rather smoothly on four inserted raceways.

Watch our video-clip for more information on the Franke principle here

Competence in Light Weight Design

The patented technology of Franke wire race bearings offers maximum design freedom without compromising in precision or load capacity. The mating structure can be designed in a variety of lightweight materials and perfectly adapted in its geometry to the respective application.

With our many years of experience in designing custom bearing solutions we can provide optimum support for lightweight solutions – from development to installation, our experts will assist you any time.

Weight comparison of different light weight materials*

* bearings with diameter of ∅ 300mm and similar load capacities

3D-Printed housing parts for Wire Race Bearings

One of the most promising technologies in the field of lightweight construction is 3D printing. Here, objects are built up in layers of individual particles, which opens up completely new possibilities in the design:

  • Honeycomb structures inside the workpieces: less material = less weight.
  • Variable wall thicknesses allow an even better adaptation to the respective load situation of the application.
  • The nature of the material within a workpiece can be varied – a feature that could not be achieved with existing processing methods.

Product information, catalogues & special interest

Our online product consultants offer extensive information on technical and economic issues with respect to our wide product range.

In the download area of our website you can find the latest product catalogues, brochures and other information materials.


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